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Our Approach

Our company understands the importance of identifying your lifestyle, realizing your visions and creating living environments that work for you. We are proficient in executing the phases required to successfully implement your inspired vision. We do this by making sure you are a part of the conceptual planning. We assist you in creating realistic budgets while adding value.  Our one-on-one attention and our meticulous eye for detail ensure that your home or workspace meets your needs, making your environment an enjoyable one. We measure our success by our strong repeat business and numerous referrals from our customers.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

About The Principal

Fay Brown Johnson, spent fifteen years in the fashion industry as an Executive Buyer at a major Department Store.  Upon the merger with another department  store, she decided to take a leap and open her own Antiques and Home Accessories shop, which she successfully managed a flourishing business for 18 years.  As the owner and merchandiser, customers were constantly requesting her to consult and assist with their Interior design projects.

When she opened her shop in 1995, she was invited to participate in an area Design Show House. At this first show house, she successfully sold the entire contents and design concept to an attendee, who is still a client to this day.  Inspired, she combined her natural talent for design, trained knowledge of home fashion, and her global travels, traveling all continents excluding the Antarctic, to establish Fay Brown Johnson Interiors.  This combination is what distinguishes her from other designers.  She keenly understands how to incorporate beauty from various sources to compose a new and vibrant living space for the individuality of every client.

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